My Arizona hometown could be two towns

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My Arizona hometown could be two towns. The first one is Lake Montezuma. The second one is Tempe. Lake Montezuma is where I lived from 1984-2004. It is a very small town up in northern Arizona. My family and I moved there from Flagstaff in August of 1984. It was a month shy of my 8th birthday. 

The population is under 1000. It is small enough where everyone knows and looks out for each other. With Arizona’s population exploding due to hurricanes and earthquakes, small towns are becoming a rare commodity. 

Lake Montezuma is also unique because it is an area full of beautiful trees and small lakes in a state known for the hot and dry desert. In the summer, when Phoenix is scorching in 120-degree heat, people can come to Lake Montezuma to get some relief. Lake Montezuma has one of the best golf courses in the state. The camaraderie of living in a small town is comforting amid the rush of life. Lake Montezuma holds some great memories. A place I practically grew up in. The house we lived in was awesome. I would have been happy in that town and house the rest of my life. 

I moved to Tempe in November of 2004 to attend Arizona State University. My goal is to be a journalist. After two semesters at ASU, financial struggles forced me to take a break from school. I am ready to go back. Tempe is very different from Lake Montezuma. It is a big city with a population close to one million. With more people, it is not possible to know everyone. Despite that, Tempe is a unique and nice place to live. It has a lot of variety. ASU is close but I don’t get all the party noise. Mill Avenue is within reach. A well-known place to party or just do some shopping. The trailer park I live in is like a small town. Everyone knows and looks out for each other. That is a lot like Lake Montezuma. So even in a big city I feel like I am in a small town when I am at home. 

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